It’s a tough world we live in

Children in Islamabad, Pakistan August 14 2014 (M. Muheisen:AP)

It’s a tough world we live in; these are tough times we’re going through. So we need moments to step back & remember why we don’t just throw in the towel or bury ourselves in booze & misanthropy. There’s trauma even in witnessing genocide & seeing thousands cheer it on like entertainment. That creates a real breeding ground for cynicism.

It’s kids who keep us grounded. Not just remembering those who lost their lives so gruesomely in Gaza but children everywhere who deserve a better world & who keep us working for that better world. Misanthropy won’t serve them.

If we continue to believe in humanity & continue to build solidarity with those on the front lines against tyranny, we can forge a world suitable for men & women to live & love in–& our own lives will have been worthwhile.

(Photo of children in Islamabad, Pakistan by Muhammed Muheisen/AP)

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