Israeli snipers attack unarmed Palestinian Great Return March

Great Return March (Shehab News) Mar 30 2018

There’s a discussion on Twitter asking if the US should recognize Palestine as a sovereign independent state? Like the US has any rights at all over Palestine!? You have to be completely stupid to believe there can be a bantustate solution to Israeli colonialism, apartheid, genocide. Palestinians long ago proposed the only workable & democratic solution: a democratic, secular state where Palestinians & Jews can live as brothers & sisters. Zionism is no part of that equation & must be defeated because it is terrorist in ideology & practice.

This photo is the Great Return March today where 20,000 Palestinians marched peacefully for the right of return for Palestinian refugees. The unarmed marchers were fired on by Israeli snipers using drones, tear gas, & live ammo. So far, they have killed fifteen Palestinians & injured 1,500 others.

Stand with Palestinians in demanding the end of occupation & their right to self-determination. Honor the cultural & economic boycott of Israel.

(Photo from Shehab News Agency)