Israel opens dams to flood Gaza and then claims it has no dams. How did they make the desert bloom?

Gaza flooding (Ibraheem Abu Mustafa:AP) Feb 25 2015

Last Sunday, media reported accusations from an official in Gaza that Israel opened “a number of dams” near the border with Gaza, flooding the Gaza Valley after a severe winter storm & causing many Palestinian families to evacuate along with damage to farmland. To Israel’s enormous disgrace, the story evoked outrage but not surprise. Israeli shame is blunted by the power of US support.

Soon enough, Zionist publications went ballistic (it appears their emotional apparatus is stuck in that mode) reporting Israeli claims that it has no dams in southern Israel. Most media immediately retracted the report as false.

Once again we witness the investigative shambology of modern media. Shambology enters the English language as of this post signifying a potpourri of false authority combined with canned news full of hearsay, half-truths, mysticism, baloney. You get the picture.
It should be easy enough to find out if there are any dams in Israel that could impact Gaza & they would not have to be on the border to do so. Can’t the reporters at least look at a map, query officials from Gaza & Israel about the locations, do that thing reporters are supposed to do, i.e., snoop around & ask questions? After all Israel already has an entire catalog of war & human rights crimes to account for so why add several more counts?

From what one can learn there are in fact no monstrous Hoover-type dams in Israel. But there are smaller ones including the Yeruham Dam (roughly 40 miles from Gaza) used for flood control, irrigation, & water supply. The dam is on a tributary of the HaBesor Stream which flows directly through the Gaza Valley & spills into the Mediterranean Sea.

Do we know as fact that Israel opened the dam? No we don’t. Is it possible? It’s more than likely. Is it verifiable? Absolutely. But only if reporters will do the work & then only if it is seen fit to print.

(Photo of flooding in Gaza by Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/AP)

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