India underestimated the power of Kashmiri activists on social media in exposing the occupation

When India began this murderous rampage on July 9th, they must have thought they could get away with it, that international media was still locked down tighter than a drum, & that they could do summary executions on a grand scale.

But Kashmiri activists had tirelessly laid down the groundwork of exposure on social media. Even when India shut down the internet & cell phone communication in Kashmir, those Kashmiris living abroad & others who stood in solidarity against the occupation could campaign in their stead & not let the voices of Kashmiri resistance be silenced.

There will be no going back for India. The brutality of their rampage stands exposed before the world because mainstream media had to respond with a counter-narrative to that of activists on social media. The barbarity of pellet weapons in particular received exposure–best by Kashmiri activists on social media, but also in major media like the NY Times, Washington Post, & others. Pellet guns alone will damn the occupation in the judgement of many.

That exposure means the monumental work of building international solidarity, including educational events, debates, rallies, can now move forward since it has already begun in opposition to this rampage with rallies held around the world.

Long live Kashmiri Intifada. End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.