If we’re talking Wonder Woman, it ain’t the woman fighting evil in a bustier & high heels

If we’re talking Wonder Woman, it isn’t a woman battling evil in a bustier & high heels. It’s Palestinian & Kashmiri women standing with their kids against occupation; Rohingya women sheltering their kids from ethnic cleansing; women of the Arab Spring who led social revolutions, many in niqab; the women revolutionists in Syria.

That comic book parody of women’s power doesn’t come close to reality where women fighting injustice have wrinkles, frown lines, & sun-baked skin, sometimes extra pounds, even cellulite, God forbid. That idiotic parody is actually used to deny the leading role millions of women have always played in resisting oppression & making this world suitable for human beings to live & love in.

Thank heavens for social media because now we watch history unfold before our eyes & won’t let it be rewritten excluding the role of women.