How tech savvy Kashmiris will elude the social media ban

The mantra of refugees: when they build walls, we build ladders to get over them. If they build higher walls, we build higher ladders. The same is true for virtual walls like India’s ban on social media which starts tonight.

A Facebook friend sent me this notification about evading the ban so Kashmiris can communicate with others. Being an electronic dunce, I have no idea if or how it works but trust the young will know:

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool to evade social media ban imposed in IOK. Download any VPN from Googleplay on your smartphones. It can be any one of the VPNs available, e.g SuperVPN, Zenmate, etc. & for IOS users download Hotspot shield or Onavo protect from the appstore. These VPNs are free to download.

Once downloaded, open the app & do as is required. You will be helped by the app to tread your way into any network & hence keeping the VPN going, you can access the banned sites in your region.

Please share this information with Kashmiris.