Honor the cultural boycott of Israel: boycott Wonder Woman movie

There’s something quite unseemly in this debate about Gal Gadot, the Wonder Woman actress who is an Israeli & committed Zionist. Hiding behind feminism but ignoring her accusations that Palestinians use women & children as human shields, there are those who think she should be exempted from the cultural boycott of Israel (BDS).

Zionist feminists who function like a secret cabal are central to legitimizing Islamophobia as a rationale for war & occupation, starting with Afghanistan. They play a profoundly reactionary role in war & feminism. Hillary Clinton is chief among them.

If the cultural boycott means anything, it is that women refuse to be run around the block by those who have another agenda–an agenda that legitimizes apartheid, ethnic cleansing, Islamophobia, war, occupation.

Of course the movie should be boycotted & it should also be picketed by BDS activists around the world. We don’t stand in solidarity with glamorous fictional characters but with living Palestinians who are being bombed by Israel, not used as human shields.