Has the world abandoned Kashmir?

Kashmir July 24 2016

Social media is full of the reproach that the world or “international community” is turning a blind eye to the military siege in Kashmir. If by “world” one means the governments that sell armaments to India, those with lucrative trade deals with India, those with corporate investments in India’s neoliberal economy, then yes, the world is turning a blind eye.

If by world one means the UN or human rights groups like Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch, then yes, they’re no where to be found right now in exposing or denouncing the siege.

If by world one means human rights activists in India & around the world who are coming in large numbers to understand the character of India’s occupation & organizing forums & rallies against it, then no, something there has fundamentally changed in favor of justice.

As for that “international community” stuff, such a thing has never existed, especially since the hegemony of capitalism which is a competitive system recognizing no affinities between human beings if they cannot be exploited.

(Photo of Kashmir from Twitter; photographer unidentified)