Great Return March in Gaza intended to bring down entire Israeli edifice of apartheid, occupation, colonialism

Amputee at Great Return March Apr 6 2018

Without apparently recognizing the sarcasm, CBS news reported Israel’s complaint that the Great Return March was intended to bring down the “fence”–a euphemism for the apartheid barrier making Gaza what is called an open air prison. Actually, the protests are intended to bring down a whole lot more than that damn fence. They’re intended to bring down the entire edifice of apartheid, occupation, & Zionist colonialism. In that regard, we cannot render them enough solidarity & active support.

This photo is an amputee, almost certainly from one of Israel’s bombing sieges over Gaza, who was again shot in his artificial limb during the Great Return March yesterday. The young man is suffering injuries from the bullet & must be reliving the horrors of the original amputation.

(Photo from Great Return March on Twitter)