Giles Ji Ungpakorn on the thuggish nature of the Thai military junta

If we don’t rebuild a massive, international antiwar movement, the entire planet will soon be run by generals & psycho special forces with bombers. Militarism is the ethos of the barbaric phase of capitalism. The Israeli military is now drafting a bill to grant immunity from prosecution to Israeli soldiers deployed in occupied East Jerusalem, Gaza, & the West Bank. They’re already riding roughshod over Palestinians so this would merely eliminate the inconvenience of court martial.

India employs the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) giving immunity from prosecution to soldiers deployed in Kashmir. It’s not irrelevant that the AFSPA was formulated by the British against the movement demanding an end to British rule in India. The US has similar security agreements with Afghanistan & Iraq (& probably other countries) granting immunity to US soldiers who engage in human rights crimes. The question remains: since there are news blackouts on most of these wars & would still be were it not for social media, why are these agreements to legitimize impunity considered so vital to militaries? It would be important to know which other countries have these agreements in countries they are bombing or occupying.

This is an interesting blog entry by Giles Ji Ungpakorn, a Thai dissident in exile, on the military junta that rules Thailand. The entry speaks to the brutality of unbridled militarism & military rule.