Eva Bartlett tanks in two fact checks

Last week, Snopes did a fact check on Eva Bartlett called “Victim Blaming” & found her allegations against Syrian children not verifiable. Assad supporters immediately denounced Snopes as lying-assed mainstream media. They’re so predictable.

Today Britain’s Channel 4 News did its own fact check on Bartlett’s allegations titled “Eva Bartlett’s claims about Syrian children.” Again Bartlett was busted for fabrications. No surprise there since she functions as an Assad propagandist & is likely fed stories by her handlers in the regime along with her paycheck.

We only wish Bartlett, Beeley, & the rest of them would reconsider the path they have chosen in life. They’re getting lots of media attention now but the more they talk, the more they disgrace themselves by getting caught in their own lies. Honest historical accounting will likely catch up with them in their senior years. Do they really want their legacy to be propagandists for dictatorship? Perhaps they might consider getting an honest job where they won’t have to compromise their dignity & sell out their integrity. If there’s anything left of it.