Enough with the misanthropic denunciations of historic protests

The denunciations of protesters continue–from the post-election marches of youth, to the Women’s Marches, to the marches against the Muslim ban. The latest rendition goes: “You march against the Muslim ban? Why didn’t you march against US bombing of Muslim countries?”

Partly what’s motivating this reactionary nonsense is cynicism & misanthropy: nothing people do is ever good enough. Even when they’re making history in the most massive protests in human history for women’s & refugee rights.

The lion’s share of what’s behind the sneering at protesters is reluctant support for Trump. Some are uncomfortably discovering that their politics are going south & they’re morphing into right-wingers. Must be alarming to see yourself move right but don’t lash out at those who stay the course for justice.

We take our cues from fighters, from Palestinians, Kashmiris, Syrian revolutionists, anti-caste fighters. Not from Global Research. Stop reading the stuff that rots the brain & demoralizes the human spirit. Get your ass off the sofa & join the protesters making history. You’ll come to see in action that human beings are a marvelous species & you may get over the misanthropy. If your politics are based on hating & sneering, you’re moving in the wrong direction.