Emergency situation in Kashmir: killings, injuries, curfew, & internet block

Party time

There’s an emergency situation in Kashmir where Indian occupying forces have fired on protesters, killing several & wounding dozens of others. Indian authorities have also imposed a curfew & blocked the internet which is expected to be down for several days.

My attention was taken up with the shootings in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, & Dallas but Kashmiri activists working outside the country let me know in no uncertain terms that the situation is urgent & needs to be addressed. They have provided me with many links so that post will be done tomorrow.

Those who follow the occupation & want to be au courant on developments may want to check out the Kashmiri solidarity sites or the FB walls of Kashmiri activists to see some of the background to this volatile situation which is the murder & massive funeral of a young Kashmiri freedom fighter by Indian soldiers.

Untitled drawing by Rollie Mukherjee: Kashmir is mourning & occupier is celebrating.