Donald Drumpf & Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto are political peas in a pod

After Drumpf’s meeting with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto today some may have expected to see Mexican troops massing on the US-Mexican border just a few miles south of here. But in fact the two men have deep political affinities, particularly their attitude toward Mexican working people.

Peña must share Drumpf’s view that Mexican workers are all criminals & rapists since under his regime beginning December 2012, over 70,000 civilians have been killed & at least 1,600 disappeared. Those figures include the 43 student teachers of Ayotzinapa disappeared by the Mexican army in 2014 & 12 striking teachers shot down earlier this year. It doesn’t include the dozens injured but not killed when soldiers shot at them.

Under the Merida Initiative & under the guise of the war against drugs, the US bankrolls the Mexican death squads with over $2.5 billion in direct military aid since 2008 & Obama has thousands of US troops deployed to Mexico. As Obama’s Secretary of State, Clinton was brokering all that on her 2014 visit with Peña.

Peña’s going to have to work with whoever is elected US president. That won’t be an issue.