Citizen diplomacy with the Russkis

Fox News & Assad’s people just won’t shut up about the Russophobic hysteria being instigated by that imaginary thing called the deep state so it can get rid of Trump. Apparently Russophobia is different than Islamophobia which is directed at Muslims. Russophobia is directed at Trump.

Just to make sure there were no misunderstandings or hard feelings with the Russians I took it upon myself to do a little citizen diplomacy since I’ve studied their history, know their music & literature well (except for War & Peace which is too damn long), & also know they’ve quite a sense of humor.

Through unauthorized diplomatic channels I sent this missive to the Russkis, hoping to create a new detente & shut up those jeremiads once & for all. It was send in Russian so they would know we mean business about this detente thing:

Dear Russkis: It’s not true most Americans have a phobic attitude toward Russkis. We’re not crazy about your nationalists or Putin’s politics but the rest of you are swell. It’s sad to hear many of you think we’re stupid because we elected a fool for president. But our elections are just as rigged as yours. We don’t think ill of you because of Putin so maybe we can call it “even-steven” there.
We heard some of your phobias about us go back to the Soviet Union days. Weren’t Radio Free Europe broadcasts from the CIA reaching you? That’s too bad because now Putin supporters say the CIA is using Russophobic hysteria to get rid of Trump. You probably don’t see the downside in that. Neither do we. But democracy has its rules.

Well this is just to say most of us would like to get along with you and maybe call a citizen’s detente. There are lots of things we could work together on–like opposing our government’s wars and standing with the oppressed.

Hoping to hear from you soon. It probably isn’t appropriate to send love in a diplomatic missive but what the hellĀ Heart moticom