Chris Rock at the Oscars: compromise with racism in Hollywood

So the message of Chris Rock’s monologue at the Oscars was that Blacks should accept exclusion from recognition with good humor & not make any unseemly displays of indignation. The rest of his schtick was making sport of the whole controversy. Wow. Is that approach a rerun for women & Blacks!

He did, in his own way, acknowledge that the Oscars were a white only affair when he suggested Blacks have their own category. Their own separate but equal category?

Regrettably, the sacrifice Rock made for comforting the status quo, who all so dutifully laughed, was the genius of his wit. Perhaps he can’t be blamed since the system of racism in Hollywood is much bigger than his career & includes not just Blacks but Latinos, Arabs, & Asians. But he still ends up the loser for sacrificing his dignity & cracking jokes so racism is not discomforted.