China deploying special forces to Syria to support Assad’s counter-revolution

Residents in the northern Syrian Atareb look for survivors after an air raid. © Zein Al Rifai : AFP : Getty Images

China is deploying special forces to Syria, joining the counter-revolution supporting Assad’s dictatorship & not for the first time. In 2013 they deployed 1,000 troops as well as warships & in 2015 they deployed 5,000 troops. China, along with Russia, also uses its veto powers in the UN Security Council to protect the interests of the Assad regime–as it does for the Burmese fascist military.

There’s a fair amount of triumphalism among Assad supporters, as if Assad & his counter-revolutionary allies have already decisively defeated the revolution. The deployment of Chinese special forces (i.e., psycho troops) may suggest the triumphalism is premature.
Syria claims there are 5,000 Uyghur militia fighters opposing the Assad regime. The Uyghur are Muslims persecuted in China. China stands united with Syria against Muslims as it stands with the Burmese generals & Suu Kyi against the Rohingya. The roots of the conflicts may not be Islam but it has certainly become of the essence.

Even though they’re all on the side of counter-revolution in Syria, you can see what’s shaping up in international politics with the US at odds with China & Russia. Not because one side is more progressive than the other but because economic competition & militarism are the nature of capitalism, especially in its barbaric phase.

Photo is residents in Atareb looking for survivors after an air raid. This bombing of civilians is what Assad supporters call fighting terrorism.

(Photo by Zein Al Rifai/AFP/Getty Images)