Censoring women’s expressions of anger

When I came of age in the 60s, public cursing was unacceptable; it wasn’t acceptable within most families. Ours was the generation that ended that taboo for the better or worse to human culture.
With the emergence of feminism, young women became proficient at cursing as an act of defiance against inequality. Since I worked in a male-dominated work place, I became quite proficient as a matter of defense, to back off those who thought they could walk all over women.

But I don’t think it’s appropriate in an international forum like social media to curse a lot. Call me a prude, but I think it lowers the intellectual level to use blue language & it offends many people’s sense of refinement & civility.

Flipping the bird is considered vulgar & uncouth to many though it’s an ancient international expression of anger. The photo of the young Kashmiri woman offended some who do not want the dignity of their struggle compromised. It isn’t compromised by women expressing their anger aggressively & publicly, especially when they are terrified for their lives against pellets, tear gas, assault, humiliations.

Most who see the young woman admire her courage & defiance standing up to the Indian army. Those who object will have to take it up with the protesters since they appear quite capable of expressing their sentiments despite the intimidation of soldiers pointing guns at them.