Burqa ban in Switzerland & the “Burka Avenger”

Burka Avenger


As of July 1st, a section of Switzerland imposed a public burqa ban with fines up to €9,200 (£7,890). It’s no mystery why the veil has become a target of legislation & persecution while sexual exhibitionism for women is aggressively promoted. It’s a political amalgam of misogyny with war mongering.

What’s particularly malignant about these bans is that persecution of Muslim women & their religious practices is postured as progressive, as standing up for women against male & religious domination. There are male politicians & academics who strut about pontificating against the oppression of women in veils. There are even feminists who do but it’s no coincidence they are also pro-war under the guise of emancipating women. The men are either war-mongers or garden variety misogynists.

“Burka Avenger” is an award-winning Pakistani animated TV series featuring a superwoman who fights villains in a veil. Contrast that to western TV superwomen whose costumes are hyper-sexualized & objectified. It can’t be easier to fight evil in a bustier & hot pants than it is in a burka which provides no prurient distractions for the villains.

Let it be repeated till the cows come home: what women wear is nobody else’s business. Revolution is a come as you are affair.