BDS shows up on “The Good Wife” episode

BDS was part of the plot line on “The Good Wife” episode tonight. It was awkwardly presented & somewhat confusing, but the character Diane Lockhart legally defended a student who wrote an article about the boycott of Israel after the school defunded the student newspaper for publishing it. It was surprising they didn’t have the author morph into a terrorist which is how they usually portray Arabs & Muslims on these shows.

There isn’t much info about the politics of lead Good Wife actress Juliana Margulis. Her American parents lived in Israel for a short time & her father-in-law works for the Brookings Institute, but you can’t draw much from that about her. Because her husband is Jewish & Irish, she used to frequently quip that their son would be proficient as a thinker & a drinker. I wrote her a note saying it was great that she acknowledged the intellectual achievements of the Irish but that she shouldn’t disparage Jewish people that way. They had considerable intellectual achievements of their own, just like all other nationalities, & weren’t known for drinking any more than others