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“Of course Kashmir is now normal! Suspension of basic rights is now normal! Occupation is now normal! Militarisation is now normal! Army picking up kids and torturing them is now normal! Lack of access to health and education is now normal! Lack of communication is now normal! When all of this is normal, how dare people say Kashmir isn’t normal?”

–Indian activist Bobby Kunhu

After Kissinger & Suu Kyi, people still get excited about who wins the Nobel Peace Prize? Since it began in 1901, a huge percentage of the recipients have been war criminals & those who aren’t are window dressing. Enough already with the worthless honorifics!

So I was not chosen for the paid opinion thingy today. After breakfast at a swank hotel, the law firm sent half of us home with $100 for our time. A lovely woman I ate breakfast with is a retiree who works with her local church group which crosses weekly into Reynosa, Mexico across the border (a dangerous town which the drug cartels control) to work with unaccompanied refugee children. Others at our table strongly supported her work so I was among friends. She was chosen for the study which pays $300 for the day. I would have liked the dough but meeting her was worth losing out.

“This is called coldblooded denial….when u disrupt “others “world and declare it as “normal “….what a shame….#standwithkashmir”

–Rollie Mukherjee

Today I was given an opportunity to earn some extra dough & could not turn it down since my dog’s rabies shots are due. I will not be posting until later today & hope that others will add their voices to Kashmiris since the siege & blockade continues in its murderous way.

We may have differences on Turkey’s genocidal assault on Syrian Kurds. I would only ask for no war mongering on my wall whilst I am gone. Antiwar principles exclude no people, not even those with corrupt leadership.