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“In the past ten days, I’ve done interviews with media from America, China, Germany, Qatar, Singapore & the UK. (Not counting India obviously.) If you think #Kashmir has not been internationalized by the Modi government’s actions you’re living in an extremely impressive bubble.”

–tweeted by conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Sadanand Dhume

A little girl, not a terrorist, killed by Russian bombing of Benin, Idlib.

Stop bombing Idlib! All foreign military forces & mercenaries out of Syria!

This video is a raid by Indian forces early this morning just after midnight on a family home where they arrested young boys for unknown reasons. You can hear the terrified cries of their mothers.

Demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all Indian troops & the immediate release of all Kashmiri political prisoners.

Midnight raid in Srinagar Kashmir.Boys detained for unknown reasons amid of terrified , wailing mothers shrieking , "They will kill my kids !they will kill them"Approx time : 1:40 am ,19 Aug 2019

Posted by Jawad Nasir on Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Human Rights Watch issued a statement on Kashmir yesterday saying “The Indian government should ensure that rights are protected after lifting some restrictions in Jammu & Kashmir State.” What kind of political cowardice is that!? What kind of betrayal of human rights in Kashmir!? The Indian Army has no rights whatsoever to be in Kashmir & this pathetic statement suggests it does.

The only acceptable human rights demands for Kashmir are: the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all Indian troops; the immediate release of all Kashmiri political prisoners; an accounting of the nearly 10,000 forcibly disappeared; reparations for the homes vandalized & razed; reparations to those tens of thousands who suffered torture, rape, incarceration, pellet gun & other injuries, loss of loved ones to forcible disappearance.

India’s loud-mouthed hysteria against all critics of hermetically blockading Kashmir exposes its complete lack of confidence that it can successfully use anti-terrorist propaganda against the Kashmiri struggle for #azaadi. The government is pumping up doctors, veterinarians, TV talk show hosts, the Indian Army, top government officials to denounce any & all criticism.

If you go to about 55 minutes on this Republic TV so-called debate, you can hear TV host & nationalist war monger Arnab Goswami demanding that “Twitter must be blocked in India” for allowing criticism of the Kashmiri siege & promoting a TwitterQuitIndia hashtag. It’s an exhibition of panic on the part of the Modi regime, a defeated belief that it cannot shout down Kashmiri resistance so it must be silenced from wherever it comes.