Ather Zia poem #Muslim registry

Ather Zia's poem on Muslim registry Dec 21 2016

Ather Zia’s #poem about the #Muslim registry

i hear
we will be in the Muslim registry
our faces will be pixelized
irises digitized,
each finger, and
the opposable thumb
that all homo-sapiens
possibly evolved together,
will be memorized

i hear,
my young cello playing son
who finally remember directions to Safeway,
daughter whose singing never stops
dead friend’s soft-spoken wife, a master at making apple pies,
husband who loves funny shows
(i still wonder why he always wants something to make him laugh)
sick aunt who waits to be buried in a quiet spot
in Southern California, where she was born –
will all be exhibits
and held as a proof
for the way we pray

i hear
my faith, does not measure up,
but will be accounted for –
and here i was,
for years and years thinking I had none
little did I know,
it only needs one, against many,
to register my faith as evidence
of an uncommitted crime
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