Assadists make jackasses of themselves cheering on Russian & Syrian war crimes against Aleppo

Assad supporters are cheering the carpet bombing of Aleppo by Syrian & Russian war planes as a liberation. East Aleppo, where they’re bombing, has 275,000 people living there who Assadists refer to as “mercenary jihadists & their Western advisers.”

There’s no possible commentary on that. It speaks for itself. Military barbarism is now seen as liberation to many who call themselves progressives because they oppose US intervention. That’s why the international antiwar movement is so weak & fragmented is an epoch of endless murderous wars.

The international antiwar movement must be rebuilt with a principled program opposing military intervention by any of the present regimes.

(Postscript: if you call yourself socialist & support the regime of Assad or Putin, you need to go back to basics & learn the fundamental principles of socialism which are not based on bombs but on opposition to war & international solidarity.)