Assadists claim White Helmet rescues are staged

Aleppo Oct 4 2016 (REUTERS:Abdalrhman Ismail) Oct 5 2016

A lot of Assad supporters claim Max Blumenthal was too gullible about the White Helmets for saying they actually rescue people when Syria & Russia are bombing. According to them, over 95-percent of the photos & videos are staged–just like libertarians claim all the Arab uprisings against dictators were staged by the CIA & Mossad.

They’d make their case a whole lot stronger if they could explain how you get hundreds of thousands of people in several countries to play revolution. How much do they have to pay them to get shot at, beaten, jailed, tortured, disappeared? What’s the per diem on that? As good as US mercenary pay? And how do they get people to act out fake rescues when Syria & Russia are dropping bombs?

This photo is a medic holding a dead child after Syrian & Russian airstrikes in Aleppo. How do you fake images like this?

(Photo by Abdalrhman Ismail/Reuters)