Assadist defense of Syrian gassing of civilians

Assadists say we can’t believe Assad gassed civilians because MSM reported it. MSM also reported the US dropped the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan. Do they think that a lie too?

They also say the Assad regime is not so monumentally stupid as to gas civilians & there is no proof he did. No one ever claimed his regime was stupid but only criminal against dissent & revolution. Though it can afford to be supremely stupid as long as it has the deranged remnants of the antiwar movement explaining how Assad would never gas civilians because he’s such a western secular kind of guy.

As for proof? Interesting that in an era of sophisticated military surveillance systems taking videos from satellites there is no undisputed proof. The US Pentagon & other military forces know exactly who gassed civilians & what other kind of bombs Syria & Russia are using against civilians. The refusal of the US to release that documentation shows which side the US is on because obfuscation & disputes about Assad’s weapons keep attention off the US role as counter-revolutionary ally of Assad.