Amnesty report on Syrian use of chemical weapons in Douma
So Assad propagandist Vanessa Beeley rode into Eastern Ghouta embedded with the Syrian army. When she alighted from an armored vehicle carrying troops, she couldn’t find a single civilian to say Assad used chemical weapons. Just like Robert Fisk who rode in with the army couldn’t find any doctors to say he/she treated a chlorine victim because Assad was threatening them & their families. Does she think civilians would talk with any honesty to a regime flunkey surrounded by troops? Did she ask them if Syrian bombers use any other kind of weapons like barrel bombs on unarmed civilians?

Eva Bartlett is too busy back home in a rearguard action fighting off all the exposés of Assadist propagandists like herself & Beeley. But as long as they have ties directly to Assad & Putin, their lies & slanders will carry weight with the politically corrupt & opportunist. It’s very much like Stalinists in their obsequious devotion to Papa Stalin. What it’s all about is craven adoration of autocratic state power. Which is why Assadism & Stalinism have found their final resting place in fascism.

Bartlett & Beeley have long-since denounced Amnesty International for its report on Assad’s gulag where Syrian Grand Mufti Hassoun is the chief executioner signing off on every hanging of a dissident. This is Amnesty’s report on open source evidence for the Syrian chemical attack on Douma: