Amnesty India & the betrayal of human rights in Kashmir

Amnesty India on pellet guns tweet --Aug 4 2016

Today on day 26 of the barbaric siege of Kashmir, Amnesty India has finally come out with a public criticism of pellet guns & the statement is a masterpiece of compromise, ambiguity, & cowardice–if not outright propagandistic allegiance with the siege:

“Pellet guns are inherently inaccurate & indiscriminate, & have no place in law enforcement. Amnesty International India calls on the Jammu & Kashmir government to immediately stop the use of pellet guns in policing protests. They cannot ensure well-targeted shots & risk causing serious injury, including to bystanders or other protesters not engaging in violence. These risks are almost impossible to control.”

What does that mean? If the guns were accurate they would not violate human rights laws about firing on unarmed protesters? Which protesters is it legitimate to mow down with buckshot? How can there be accuracy or anything but indiscrimination when firing pellets or any other kind of munitions at groups of protesters?

What about Amnesty India honoring its human rights mandate & campaigning against the Indian occupation of Kashmir?