Al Franken endorses Hillary Clinton: turds of a feather

Operation Cast Lead:white phosphorus munitions (Reuters)

Former SNL comedian & current Minnesota senator Al Franken just endorsed Clinton for president. His sniveling character combined with her groveling support for Israel is certainly what clinched the deal. Clinton & Sanders both support Israeli colonialism & apartheid but she aggressively promotes it (to rake in Zionist money) while Sanders avoids international issues that might alienate his “socialist” groupies.

As a senatorial candidate in January 2009, Franken attended a rally in a Jewish community center in Minneapolis to support Israel during its 22-day bombing assault over Gaza in Operation Cast Lead (Dec 27th 2008 to Jan 18th 2009)–whilst the bombing was going on.

In Operation Cast Lead, an estimated 1,419 Palestinians were killed, including 308 children & teens. More than 5,000 others were wounded, some permanently incapacitated; 3,540 housing units were destroyed & 20,000 people made homeless; 18 schools were destroyed & 262 others were damaged; 20,000 meters (12 miles) of water & sewage networks were destroyed; over $10 million of damage was done to the power infrastructure; hundreds of factories & businesses were destroyed.

Israel was condemned by human rights groups for using white phosphorus munitions supplied by the US (which the US uses extensively in its wars). It is not illegal to use under international law–though it is completely immoral–except in populated areas, which of course, all of Gaza is. White phosphorus is highly flammable & similar to Napalm which burns flesh right to the bone.

Al Franken, a lesser evil guy, was an enthusiastic supporter of Cast Lead & pledged to support Israel at the Minneapolis rally. He hasn’t wavered in that pledge but also supported Israel’s carpet bombing assaults over Gaza in 2012 & 2014. Accordingly, he has often been picketed at his offices in Minneapolis by Palestinian solidarity activists. He needs to be thrown out of office on his ass. Clinton can have his endorsement; it stinks of apartheid & genocide.

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(Photo of white phosphorus munitions by Reuters)