Ajamu Baraka still tanking politically

Ajamu Baraka, the Green Party guy, objected to the White Helmet Oscar, making the scurrilous Assadist claim that they are Al-Qaeda & saying: “The White Helmets are not the Red-Cross, they are not a neutral humanitarian group, they are partisans, that is why they evacuated with the rest of the “rebels.” If you want to support one side or the other in the conflict that is fine and your right, but don’t pass it off as an “objective” moral truth and a unassailable humanitarian position.”

Why would Baraka think those pulling bodies & survivors out of cement rubble should be neutral? Could be neutral? Wouldn’t that be a sign of derangement? And what’s the hooey about “objective moral truth & an unassailable humanitarian position”? What about revolution against dictatorship & counter-revolution by carpet bombing civilians?