After Sanders crashes there’s still a lesser evil candidate in the field: Vermin Supreme

Vermin Supreme (Zuri Davis : Rare Politics) June 8 2016

There’s no need for anyone to despair about our electoral options in the US. There is still a lesser evil candidate in the field. Vermin Supreme is a veteran of US politics & of every political party from the Republicans to the Democrats to the Libertarians. Believe it or not, he’s always been the lesser evil.

His program is very straightforward & does not distinguish itself in simplicity from that of Bernie Sanders: mandatory tooth-brushing laws, free ponies for all US citizens, time-travel research, & preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

You think him too deranged to be president? Really!? More so than Drumpf or Clinton?

(Photo of Vermin Supreme by Zuri Davis/Rare Politics)