A principled response to Assad propagandists

Usually I’m reluctant to post videos because I suspect few actually watch them. But this is a quite useful video done by Syrians opposed to the Assad dictatorship which takes on the little cabal of corrupt US activists who visited Assad, partially at his expense & under his control, & came back a Greek chorus for his regime. They all claim that the handful of people they spoke to in Damascus are ardent supporters of Assad. With infantile credulity like that, who would trust their political judgement on anything?

When they returned, they spoke at a Syrian government forum at the UN to give the cachet of UN authority. Eva Bartlett, Assad’s own Ann Coulter, is featured here & her professional propaganda deconstructed quite capably. What kind of politics is it that consider a handful of westerners the authorities on Syria & drums out Syrian voices of citizen journalists reporting from bombing zones?