The Republican convention dragged out the long-discredited Newt Gingrich–who most of us thought was already dead since he reeks like a corpse–to deliver a rabid, vicious, dangerous attack on Muslims.

One of his most pernicious comments was that only a small percentage of Muslims are a threat to “western values” but the small percentage numbers in the millions.

The assembled Republicans dressed in American flags, with pompoms on their heads, all looking half in the wrapper cheered every rancid word he said. Everything about the convention is orchestrated & canned, even the enthusiasm. But the fact that the Republican party intends to fortify its crumbling edifice by Muslim-hating must be taken very seriously.

You can’t fight social hatred & war mongering with multicultural sermonizing. You fight it with political power. That means organizing & publicly opposing every single war & intervention using Muslim-hating as justification. And that political mission is more imperative than ever.