Dibyesh Anand, Naila Smith, Rollie Mukherjee, & myself are initiating a petition to demand FB honor the Bill of Rights & stop censoring Kashmiri posts. It will also demand the reinstatement of Huma Dar who has been locked out of FB without the apparent possibility of parole for posting about Kashmir.

Dibyesh and I have already been suspended but were reinstated after a few days. Huma has been given no time frame so it appears to be permanent.

Miko Peled, the Israeli champion of Palestinian rights, was locked out of FB a few years ago & the petition campaign to have his account reinstated was successful.

This will require thousands of signatures & we will be asking everybody on our friend list & anyone else who comes within ear shot to sign & share the petition. You are in serious peril of sanction if you do not oblige. It’s kind of a sign it or else situation.

It should be pointed out that the internet in Kashmir is still on lock down & there is a news blackout so our petition becomes one way for Kashmiri voices to be heard when powerful political forces are trying to silence them.