It’s not clear yet what the hell is going on with the attempted military coup in Turkey & it certainly isn’t possible to choose sides. One can hardly call Erdogan a democratically elected president. Not to mention that his rule is marked with extreme violence against democracy activists, against Kurds, & against Syrian refugees.

The US may actually be involved in the coup but whoever comes out on top–whether Erdogan or the generals–is a committed ally of the US. Turkey has an immense military commitment to NATO, second only to the US.

The fate of Erdogan is of no consequence. What matters is democracy in Turkey & the violence this coup will unleash against the Turkish people. What matters is the fate of tens of thousands of refugees. So what happens is important but only because the political movements are yet too weak to wrest power from Erdogan & the military to create the humane society the Turkish people desire & deserve & have fought so hard to achieve.