For a few weeks, an article titled “Israeli Forces Bury Palestinian Kids Alive” from The 41 News website has been circulating on Facebook. The people who run The 41 News are crackpots & troublemakers. In fact, in 1988 Israeli soldiers were accused of burying four young Palestinians alive in the West Bank & no one in their right mind can deny the extreme violence of the Israeli army toward Palestinians, including children. But there has been no reporting from Palestinians or human rights groups that the Israeli military systematically buries Palestinians alive. What they do that is provable is monstrous enough.

It is wrong to recklessly circulate unsubstantiated claims, not because the crimes are not possible, but because it discredits Palestinian solidarity. We don’t use deceit & false allegations; those are the methods of Israel & the US to cover for Israeli human rights crimes.

Vetting news sources is absolutely imperative when you post on social media. It takes only about ten minutes to search a website to understand its political character. For justice, only the truth need be told.