Somebody has to ask this question, so it might as well be me–& hopefully it won’t start a furor & exchange of hostilities on my wall: after all the austerity policies enforced by the EU; after the years of barbaric anti-refugee operations in the Mediterranean, including over 25,000 drownings; after the despicable deal the EU made with Turkey to deport refugees, how does the UK leaving the EU get defined as racist & xenophobic?

It was hard to follow the debate because vituperations often replaced cogent explanations & those outside the UK couldn’t closely follow the politicians manipulations, pro or con.

It seems to me that the political tasks after the referendum are exactly the same as those prior: to organize against austerity policies, to organize for refugee & immigrant rights, to publicly oppose wars. It seems to me that Brexit should spread across Europe because the EU is rotting at the core & needs to be dismantled.

Can someone please explain, without the fury, what I am missing in this debate?