There are a few memes circulating about Seddique Mateen, the Afghan-born father of the Orlando gunman, accusing him of having a nefarious relationship with the US government, especially the CIA. They even suggest Omar the shooter, may have been a CIA operative.

The accusations against the father are extremely serious but they become scurrilous if they are not true–& actually threatening to him. An Afghan friend claims the accusations are false & that the sources originating them are disreputable. The father may be no prize package politically but being ardent in your hatreds is a far cry from being a psychotic CIA operative.

It would be the better part of discretion to refrain from circulating those memes & photos (which well may be photoshopped) until the dust has settled & we can find reputable sources of information. If they are not true, it would be terrible to destroy the reputation of the father who already has hell to pay for his son’s monstrous crimes.