Over the years, people have brought me wild birds they rescued–usually babies who fell out of the nest. You can’t do much for them except try to feed them but they’re so distraught they don’t last long. They fight for their lives & die from grief very quickly. It’s wrenching to witness.

One time I read it was illegal in Texas to rescue a wild bird so I took a frantic bird back to its tree hoping its parents would rescue him/her or it would die in peace. It was attacked by crows & I have never obliged the law since.

Yesterday while watching my dogs play, I saw a tiny little bird under my car. My dogs would have killed it so I picked it up but couldn’t find its nest. He/she is such an admirable feisty little creature. I no longer take my own birds to vets since my survival rate in treating them with homeopathic remedies is almost 100% & the vet’s failure rate is about 100%. (They’re good with dogs & cats; they don’t know birds.) So I’m treating the little one & hoping to bring it to a wildlife rescue center on Tuesday (tomorrow is a holiday). I’m calling on some blessings from my FB friends. You get a lot of blessings in life; you gotta give some.