The steady drain of Facebook unfriendings continues apace. If this keeps up I’ll have an entire new set of friends in a couple years–or maybe a decade. It used to be anti-Semitism was the chief cause for parting ways in rather inimical ways. Now, who knows? Is it Palestine? Kashmir? My politics? Or just my lousy personality?

All’s well though. I’m extremely grateful for my Facebook friends who I admire for their insights & as activists & solidarity supporters in many areas of work–fromthe struggle against caste in India; to the struggle against occupation in Kashmir; to the struggle for self-determination in Palestine & Kashmir; to the campaign for justice for the people of Bhopal; for women’s rights around the world; for Black Lives Matter in the US; & for so many other struggles. I have learned more than I can ever say.

To those who have left, no hard feelings. We’ll get along without you somehow.