Everybody was so excited here because the first no-kill animal shelter was opening up. Animal lovers tend to keep found animals or relinquish them to small home-based rescue operations rather than hand them to the main shelter that euthanizes 70,000 a year.

Now a rescue pal tells me that according to her vet the new shelter is only technically no-kill & will outsource the animals to be euthanized. It’s likely many will still end up as victims of experimentation in medical & veterinary schools. Such a disappointment after such excitement!

In the dog park, I met someone from the new shelter who wants to help adopt out my little ones. I was so excited at first but didn’t know about that outsourcing thing so now am going all micromanaging about by whom & how they get adopted. I told her little Daisy is needy as all get-out & wants constant attention so needs caretakers who are home like retirees or home-based workers. She suggested a couple who are both doctors which means they’ll be gone all day & Daisy will be left alone grieving & bereft. No way. You rescue animals because you want them to be happy, not just properly fed.