Despite his international renown going back decades, Noam Chomsky is a deeply flawed political analyst. He’s always been treated like a rock star & his lectures are always packed out but that only highlights the folly of making demigods & legends out of people. No one is ever above political criticism. Except dictators.

His lesser evil approach to the two politically bankrupt US parties (where he admits he would “absolutely” vote for Clinton) & his left Zionism on Israel with a contemptuous opposition to BDS are the most egregious of his failings but not the only ones.

To his favor, he’s been honest in admitting that when it comes to knowing what to do, he’s at a loss. You can say that again. Political criticism & ideas tested in action are how flawed analyses can be corrected. But when you’re a Chomsky, deferred to like a rock star, that necessary process gets short-circuited.

The serious political analyst should wish for no deference, no stature that puts them above democratic give & take or the corrective of debate & political experience.