Color me mystified by the banal & increasing polemics against identity politics. Not that anyone can define what they are with any coherence. Can women stop violence & discrimination by denying our identity? Will that overthrow patriarchy? Can black & brown peoples put an end to the violence & monstrous practices of structural racism by denying their identity? And what about Muslims who are being targeted precisely for their religious identity to serve US-European militarism? What about Dalits & other oppressed castes in India? What about Rohingya & other victims of genocide?

What’s behind this political campaign is an attempt to discredit feminism & all forms of political resistance to racism that aren’t controlled by whites & males. They try to make it sound avant-garde by blithering about unity of the class but it is racism & misogyny that are disruptive, not the struggle against them. It’s a massive accommodation to social hatred. I’d like to be gentler in my assessment but color me also disgusted with the banality of supremacist apologetics.