The little dog who adopted me a few weeks back was not neutered & his little biological imperatives were beating like a drum. This made him a problem around my as yet un-neutered nubile females. If I ran an errand or went out, they all had to come along.

Today, I took him to the low-cost clinic for spaying & after examination they told me he appeared to have problems requiring blood tests. I explained I was short of dough right now & asked if the tests could be held off a few weeks. Instead, they said they would cover the cost of tests & any meds required. Turns out he has heart worms, anemia, & an infection caused by mosquitos. Despite the fact that I’ve given him a least three flea baths & nightly comb him for ticks & fleas, they told me he was flea-infested. Who knew you can’t see them?

Useful information for fellow residents of the RGV: They told me that as a rescuer, I can apply for vouchers at Palmview shelter to get no-cost spaying for my females. They also told me that throughout the month of April they are offering free spaying to stray & feral cats.

My immense gratitude to the RGV Low Cost Spay Neuter clinic.