“…in Kashmir, India has faced defeat in all aspects: moral, intellectual and political. today, all of you sit on the cusp of a resistance that has been reinvigorated as an international dispute. that has more allies than it had 30 years before. and that is no mean task. and you all have done it – by giving blood, tears, and sweat – not just on the day of a face-off but each day. your war with India is every day and not just on borders but in homes and streets. you Kashmiris, are no less than the face-off China is giving India. while watching China, make sure you do not undermine how far you all have come and how you can use the moment to uplift each other rather than cheering China. it is a power that Uyghurs are seeing the worst of, and Tibet is all but decimated as a people. i can understand some fun memes from our young ones, but those of us who have seen some days should remind ourselves first in how to behave collectively as a people when the fight is between your mortal enemies and the dispute is occurring on what used to be your own territory. they are both in it for themselves – begin with that thought and rest falls in place.”
–Ather Zia (part of a longer piece about the conflict between China & India in Ladakh)”..