Omar Abdullah deactivated his Twitter account today after getting his ass kicked by Kashmiris for tweeting, “Those Kashmiris tempted to look towards China as some sort of saviour need only google the plight of Uighur Muslims.” Does he see legions of Kashmiris cheering on the Chinese army in the military confrontation with the Indian army in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh? Does he actually believe Kashmiris don’t understand militarism & colonial occupation after 73 years of colonialism & occupation? Or is he playing up to the Indian Army in hopes they will help him establish his old glory as a collaborator? Even after playing a Nelson Mandela impersonation as a political prisoner (detained in health spa accommodations), he has no more value as a collaborator since he is so discredited among the Kashmiris who he holds in such contempt. If he had only listened to the voices of Kashmiris rather than his Indian colonial masters, he might not have to hide in shame today.

Posted June 17, 2020