It’s entirely understandable that one would vote for Biden to get rid of Trump who is the lowest form of political life. But it’s a very different thing to make a virtue of lesser evil voting. The political character of Biden does not hinge on the credibility of Tara Reade. The photographic documentation of Biden’s inappropriate, creepy, demeaning, & hateful behavior toward women & girls is overwhelming & irrefutable. He’s a pervert who can’t be trusted around females without being supervised.
His absolute racism is embodied in the 1994 Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act which he authored, was passed by Congress, & signed by Bill Clinton. It is responsible for the mass incarceration of tens of thousands of Black kids for minor drug offenses, some for life without parole. That is not an unintended result of the law but its sole purpose. Some Blacks think they can get off calling him an ‘awkward ally’, not a ‘virulent racist’ like Trump. Tell that to the Black kids who are serving time for smoking a joint. Tell it to the Black community who have sustained martial law & the gunning down of their children.
If you feel the need to vote Trump out, do so with some dignity & don’t make a virtue of politics of a lower form of democracy.

(Posted May 23, 2020)