Responding to retired Indian Army Major Gaurav Arya who endorsed the execution of Mehrajudin Shah, Zafar Khan says: “He is so full of himself. These soldiers get rewards and commendations for their scores in terms of how many kills they make in Kashmir. Kashmiris are fully aware of the fact that close to a million Indian military are paramilitary troops & do NOT hold toy or “ornamental” guns.
Their guns are instruments of death and killing of Kashmiris in cold blood! Just as the killing of Mehrajudin Shah by the CRPF soldier was in cold blood. Indian army in J&K is an army of occupation. There is no other word for it! Kashmiris consider it as an army of occupation and since 5 August 2019 any legitimacy for the Indian State to be in J&K no longer exists with the illegal and unilateral annexation of the disputed J&K whose political status remains to be decided by its people, through the exercise of their sovereign and internationally recognised, inherent and inalienable right of self-determination.”

(Posted May 15, 2020)