My little Chihuahua Annie-Lucia (I like to give my rescue animals fancy names) began convulsing & crying & I prepared myself for losing her. I rescued her six years ago along with her little girl Bijou who was later killed chasing a car. It took Annie-Lu a while to adjust to a family but she’s a little sweetheart who is always at my side & helps me corral dogs I’m trying to rescue. She’s also a rascal who bit a park worker, was quarantined, & had me in court for her bad behavior. The judge favored rescue dogs & she didn’t impose a fine.
The vets are packed out & I had to get an emergency appointment for curbside vet treatment. She cost me a fortune but the first dose of several meds eliminated the convulsions. She has other maladies which always come with rescue dogs who’ve been surviving on grass & garbage. But it’s a good day knowing the little rascal will be okay.
(Photo is Annie-Lucia)