“Aren’t enough humans already dying with this pandemic, hunger, homelessness? Why is there an urge for more? Why don’t the countries on the two sides of this ominous LOC between India and Pakistan shut their businesses now? Why is Kashmir not left alone for Gods sake. Enough is enough. Let the innocents live and let us breathe in free air. I am sure scientists must be working day and night to find a remedy for Covid 19 but is anybody at least trying to find a solution for this conflict which has consumed four generations till date. If people here are tested for depression along with corona testing, majority will test positive. People are sinking with the very thought of being under siege most of the time and this present lock down is rubbing salt on the wounded hearts.
I appeal to the global community , PLEASE HELP TO END THE WAR IN KASHMIR.”

–Kashmiri Shajarat U Durr