“The people of Pakistan are millions times better than these fallacious Kashmiris who advocate and defend atrocities committed on Kashmiris by army. I challenge show me one Pakistani who ever surrendered in Kashmir. Nowadays handicapped intellectuals are accusing Pakistanis for our miseries in their commentaries and analyzing the war they never fought. Anyone who supports India and their mechanism is worst than a Pharaoh. Because Pharaoh didn’t torture Jewish women using tactics as Indian army did in Kashmir.

When these vultures find chance, they please tyrants and masters in Delhi. They come on social media and talk about humanity and responsibilities. They are artists, given scripts. We are all saddened at this cross border shelling. We lost many lives including kids. Kashmiri vultures have opportunity to put blame on Pakistan. Let me teach you something. Under which international law can Army use artillery on villages instead of fields? Why didn’t army evacuate civilians? They used Kashmiris as shields. It is not new to them. We have witnessed this in the past.

We have more than 15,000 youths buried near border forests, killed in fake encounters under cross border infiltration propaganda. It is a genocide. Let them allow human rights organisation, Amnesty International. I assure you all such mudslinging people are war criminals .

How many were killed in custody? how many were tortured to death? How many were force disappeared? How many brides were raped, how many towns were burnt into ashes?

By Allah!! These opportunists are slur on their existence and a huge liability to Kashmir.”

–Kashmiri Aahil Asif